Our Team

Our C4 team of experienced industry professionals bring you expertise as a premier contractor. We specialize in residential, commercial, and development projects. With the remarkable growth and transformation of the Phoenix area, our focus is not only on providing exceptional construction services, but also on innovative design and high-quality building techniques. 

Our primary markets are:

Chris Long

Meet The Owner

Chris Long, the CEO/Owner of C4 Construction Group illustrates a hands-on approach and specializes in residential and commercial construction. As a second-generation construction developer, Chris grew up working on a multitude of projects with his father, Jim for the last 20 years; which included new hotel construction, residential, commercial and special projects across the country.

Chris and his team at C4 have experienced firsthand the rapid growth and transition the Phoenix area has embraced in the last several years. C4 is not only a contractor, but a quality builder focusing on the innovative design and high-quality building techniques. Chris is a veteran in the construction industry and has a vast knowledge of all aspects of leadership skills which include management, finance, marketing, construction and selling of their new homes.

Chris is not only committed to his team at C4; but also, his network of relationships he has built in the real estate industry. Chris has held his real estate license for the last 21 years and has bought and sold over 1100 investment properties over the last 10 years.

C4 along with Chris’ leadership has earned the reputation of a well sought-after builder in the  Phoenix area who displays excellence and integrity!